Your Favorite Disney Characters Imagined As Boozy Cocktails

Glass Slipper

Your favorite Disney characters just got a boozy makeover.

Taking their personalities and color schemes into consideration, Bartender Cody of Cocktails by Cody has imagineered some amazing Disney themed drinks that pay homage to classic characters. Cody has only recreated a handful of Disney characters at this point but with an expansive collection of movies to choose from he'll have no problem dreaming up new ideas.


So far Cody has crafted boozy drinks based off of Disney Princesses Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, and Mulan. Of course no Disney movie is complete without an evil villain, which is why Cody also created cocktails for Jafar, Ursula and Hades.

Porcelain Warrior

Personally, I'm dying to try the Porcelain Warrior, which is made up of cherry sake, lychee syrup, mango vodka and served with a whole lychee fruit. The Mushu sounds more up Foodbeast's alley with its Bloody Mary-esque style complete with our favorite rooster sauce.


Sirens Song

According to Cody's Facebook page some of his creations can be modified to better suit the underage crowd, such as the Ariel themed Siren's Song drink. Simply exclude all the booze and blend up some juice or colored Kool-Aid in its place, but keep the Swedish Fish because that's just fun.

If you're wondering how to make these drinks at home don't fret, Cody is working with YouTube channel Tipsy Bartender to share his magical recipes so keep an eye out for those videos coming soon.

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