We Can't Take Our Eyes Off New York's Most Beautiful Lasagna

The phrase "feast your eyes on this" can be quite cliche in the food world. When Instagram-worthiness is given great consideration when creating certain dishes over quality and taste these days, it can be flat out concerning. So when we come across a dish that covers all bases when it comes to visual appeal, taste, and high quality ingredients, we make sure to give it some due props and recognition.

Enter the "Lasagna for Two" at New York's Don Angie Italian-American restaurant in the West Village. This unique rolled lasagna has quickly become an Instagram darling and quite the icon in NYC's dining circles. What with it's stunning aesthetic and one-of-a-kind presentation, the Don Angie lasagna drew inspiration from the most unlikely of things: cinnamon buns.

Chef Angie Rito was inspired after seeing cinnamon buns on Instagram, compelling her to create a rolled lasagna that was cut on its side. The result has been a fast track to likes, shares, and raves the likes of which only the most viral of dishes have experienced in the New York dining scene.

The Don Angie "Lasagna for Two" features even more unique characteristics such as fresh bolognese sauce made daily by Chef Scott Tacinelli, bechamel sauce, dollops of extra creamy robiola cheese, and 24-month Parmigiano Reggiano, similar to lasagna one would find in Bologna, Italy.


With a dish that tastes just as good as it looks, the "Lasagna for Two" is a hot ticket item that will find a fitting spot on your timeline and your appetite.