Domino's Has a Spicy Halloween Pizza Roulette In Australia and New Zealand

This Halloween, Domino's Pizza in Australia and New Zealand is adding a devilish kick to diners' next slices via their new Halloween Pizza Roulette.


For those that dare to 'roll the spice dice', they'll get to try the brand's fiery new hot sauce that features the dreaded Carolina Reaper Pepper. The 'roulette' aspect comes into play because fans won't know which of the slices will contain the flaming sauce.

Here's how it works: diners can choose any pizza on a classic base, however, one of the slices are ‘possessed’ with Reaper Chili Sauce for free. The box will even come with a warning label.

This intense offering will only be available at participating Domino's Pizza locations in Australia and New Zealand until October 31, 2021.