Domino's Japan Bakes Up Pickle Pizza

Photo: Domino's Japan

July is National Pickle Month and the pickle fans are serious, especially in Japan. Whether you like pickles or not, pickle pizza is a real thing now, but you can only spot it at Domino's in Japan.


For a limited time, Domino's Japan is serving up a Pickle Pizza at a 40 cm diameter, which is about 16" here in the US. As jarring as it is to have a plethora of pickles on a pizza, it is aesthetically pleasing that they are dispersed in an even layer of pickles and creamy Camembert Cheese Sauce.

The limited time pizza is available for ~$17.99 USD.

Would you eat this Pickle Pizza? How many pickles is too many pickles? And where is the fine balance between all the salt and vinegar?