You Can Get Free Domino's By Ordering Their Rivals' Pizza

Photo courtesy of Domino's

Domino's just launched a "Points for Pies" promotion, where all you have to do is scan ANY form of pizza using the Domino's app. This includes any pie from your favorite local mom-and-pop spot, rival chains like Pizza Hut, homemade iterations, microwaved pizza bagel bites out of your freezer, or even fake pizza toys.

Anything goes.

You can scan a pizza outside of Domino's into the rewards app once a week, and each scan is good for 10 points. When you accumulate 60 points, you're eligible for a free 2-topping medium pie from Domino's.


It may seem like a long time to get yourself a free pizza, but the "Points for Pies" you get from this deal can be combined with existing Domino's points, including points from regular Domino's purchases during the promotional period.

There is one caveat to this deal, though: only a limited amount of points will be available every day. Domino's has set aside at least 100 million possible points to be given out, but those will only be available in small amounts at a time. The points system will refresh every day to have more available.

To get in on the deal, you need to set up a rewards account with Domino's and have their app installed. You can scan any outside pizza from February 2nd to April 28th, with a maximum of 60 points obtainable per user, and the points expire six months after you collect them.