Do Want: Rainbow-Layered Cake Jello Shots

Yes, that's right. It's time for more super-sweet jello shots. We here at Foodbeast love our jobs. We also love sugar. And booze. Don't judge us.

Anyway. We've given you jello shots for all occasions:  Halloween, Christmas, um...Independence Day? Yeah, that works.

Now, we've got one for your birthday, whenever it may be. Come: Witness the glory of the rainbow-layered cake jello shots. With frosting! And sprinkles!


The recipe, which comes to us from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen (the whole thing is now at the top of my bucket list), is fairly straightforward. The shot is made of the same mixture of gelatin, lemonade, condensed milk, and cake-flavored vodka (or whipped cream-flavored vodka plus a dash of amaretto, or else water, for the kid-safe version). It's then separated, colored, poured and set in stages. This part takes a little timing and a lot of patience, but it's totally worth it. Once all your layers are poured, you stash your shots (in a greased muffin tin) in the fridge overnight to give the layers a chance to meld.

Clearly, the most important part comes the next day, when, after extracting your rainbow beauties, you top them with a pretty dollop of frosting (or whipped cream) and sprinkles.



Happy birthday. Happy birthday to all, and to all a goodnight.

Get the full recipe here.