DIY: Transform Vodka Into Gin Within 36 Hours

Forget gifting homemade jam this holiday season. Jam doesn't help make the holidays merry, but Gin? Gin does. This homemade gin kit gives you the tools you need to transform vodka into gin within 36 hours. (Vodka not included.)

You begin with your choice of vodka, and incorporate the kit's spice tins to create a gin that popping with flavors of lavender, juniper, sandalwood and green cardamom. As recommended by The New York Times, serve with just a spritz of lime or French 75 on the rocks.


Admit it, this is so much better than homemade jam. It's the gift that keeps on giving, and besides you can never be too prepared for the next apocalypse scare.

Homemade Gin Kit: $39.99 @ homemadegin

via NYT