Dive Into The 'Pineapple Paradise', One Of Las Vegas' Best Desserts

If ever there were a pineapple-ception within any dessert, it would definitely be in the Pineapple Paradise from Jardin at The Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, NV. For the particulars, picture a hollowed out half of a pineapple filled with delectable layers of coconut ice cream, exotic fruit coulis, pineapple sorbet, and candied pineapple pieces. To top off the mini pineapple fest, you've got fresh mango slices and sugared meringue sticks, completing what just may be one of Las Vegas' best desserts.

Given the scorching temps that Las Vegas reaches, Jardin's Pineapple Paradise is the perfect answer to any heatwave that's trying to wreck your comfort. Simply think of it as the perfect summer treat, ripe with fruity goodness, ready to splash refreshment all across your palate.