Disneyland's Pixar Pier Is Opening, These Are The New Foods That Will Be There

While Pixar Fest has been going on for a while now at Disneyland, there is now a whole new Pixar-themed part of the resort for you to explore.

The grand opening of Disney California Adventure's Pixar Pier is underway, and of course, the new section comes with plenty of new treats.

There's a handful of new food vendors within the Pier, and the Pixar-themed treats they're offering look pretty tasty already.

If you're headed to Disney California Adventure soon, and need a guide to Pixar Pier's food, here's a look at what to expect from each of the new food spots.

Adorable Snowman Frozen Treats (Monsters, Inc.)

This booth has been open as a "sneak preview" for a while now, and has become one of the most popular spots in the park, of late. Their signature is the vegan lemon soft serve, called "It's Lemon!" People have been calling this the "new Dole Whip," and with its bright citrus flavor, is definitely a standout treat. You can get it on a cone, with a "Snow Cap" of white chocolate, or as part of the fan-favorite Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait, where the soft serve is swirled together with blue raspberry slush.


Jack Jack Cookie Num-Nums (Incredibles 2)

Themed after the new Incredibles 2 film, this stand is all about cookies. There's the classic chocolate chip available as well as a plain shortbread. For gluten-sensitive folks, there's the IncrediCookie, which is gluten friendly and stuffed with blackberry jam.

Lamplight Lounge

Replacing the Cove Bar is this new restaurant, which is described by Disney as a "California casual gastro-pub." New offerings on the menu include some interesting takes on sushi, like the above Carne Asada Roll with escabeche and a roasted Fresno chile salsa. There will also be some favorites from the Cove Bar returning, including the beloved Lobster Nachos.

Poultry Palace (Toy Story)


Based on a Toy Story Pixar short, you'll be able to get your fried chicken fix here. While there aren't buckets of it available to carry around, you can get a set of fried drumsticks with coleslaw. Other Disney favorites, like smoked turkey legs and chimichangas, can also be found at this spot.

Señor Buzz Churros (Toy Story)

Would it be a new Disneyland Resort area without a churro cart of some kind? This one offers up two new specialty churros: The spicy sugar-coated Caliente churro, or the Cinnamon Sugar Galaxy Churro, where the crystals decorating the churro are colored silver to represent the night sky.

Angry Dogs (Inside Out)


You can get hot dogs throughout the park, but this stand will have a special "Angry Dog" that utilizes a spicy sausage and is served with red-hot fries.

Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff (Inside Out) 

pixar pier

This candy shop is one of the only spots not opening up right away, but is going to have multiple things going for it when it does launch later this summer. There will be seasonal and permanent lineups of cake pops and caramel/candy apples available, as well as "Candy Tears" from Bing Bong himself and "Memory Refreshers," multi-colored and flavored frozen drinks.

As Pixar Pier opens, all of the non-seasonal foods will permanently be around, as they are a new addition to Disney California Adventure, not a seasonal listing as part of Pixar Fest. So even if you come to the park after September 3, you'll be able to add most of these treats to your Instagram feeds.

All photos courtesy of Disneyland Resort.