Del Taco Just Made 16 Of Their Menu Items Under $1

As if Del Taco's Buck & Under menu wasn't already gansgta enough, they went and made some serious improvements to a few of their current options. I can actually feel my wallet getting heavier just typing this.

The relatively new Chicken Rollers have been revamped to include two new varieties, a Ranch Chicken Roller and a Chipotle Chicken Roller. Both are made with freshly grilled chicken and spicy Jack cheese; however, one includes creamy ranch sauce while the other boasts a tangy chipotle sauce, respectively.

Even with the addition of the newest members to the "value eating" family, guests can purchase all 16 items on the menu for just under $15.


At such an affordable price, you would be able to easily feed a family of 3-4, unless everyone in your family is a marijuana connoisseur, then maybe just one person.