Deadpool 2 Pop-Up Bars Are Happening, And Yes, There Will Be Chimichangas

Avengers: Infinity War thought it could escape the hype of Deadpool 2 by moving its release date up a week, but the Merc with a Mouth's always got something extra hidden up his magic satchel. And no, I'm not talking about his chimichanga (well, I guess I kinda am).

Deadpool and Co. are now messing with the release of Marvel's mega team-up by dropping Deadpool 2 pop-up bars on both ends of the country. Sponsored by Mike's Harder and Fox, Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Girls (the bar in the movie, for the non-DP fans) will make two appearances. The pop-ups start in Brooklyn's Alligator Lounge from April 26-28, followed by a stop in Los Angeles's Slipper Clutch from May 10-12.

The fourth wall transmutation runs from 7-11:30 pm each night and includes pool tables, a betting "dead pool" like the one from the recent Deadpool reboot, exclusive flavors of Mike's Harder based on the film, and the chance to see some real-life mercs. No word if a barfight will break out between DP and Cable, however.


In terms of food, Brooklyn won't be getting the chimi, unfortunately. That pop-up will serve up pizza instead, which makes sense for New York, I guess. LA will be getting a taste of Deadpool's chimichangas, though.

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You can RSVP for the Brooklyn and LA events now, but make sure you come first anyways. Otherwise, you may be denied passage through the doors of these Deadpool 2 pop-up bars.