This Dead Eel Comes To Life At The Dinner Table And Freaks Out Everybody [WATCH]

You don't often expect your food to fight back at a restaurant, so this video of a slithering dead eel In Seoul, South Korea will probably give you the willies, or at the very least make you cringe.

According to IFL, although dead, skinned and ready to cook, the eel's muscles were still very much active, so when salt was applied, the eel started putting on some Beyonce-like moves on the grill-table.


The eel was probably freshly killed, because it was still receiving signals that were triggered by the sodium in the salt. That, or it was a natural reflex when feeling the heat from the grill.

Either way, the patrons had to deal with this moving food as someone tried taming the dead eel with some tongs, but it had a mind of its own, or at least muscles of its own. The videographer even freaked out, dropping his phone when the eel looked like it was headed his way.