Dan Barber Cooks Up A Three-Course Meal In The Name Of Food Waste

It's not every day that you get a high-class celebrity chef to cook for you. One lucky couple, however, was able to get Dan Barber from Netflix's Chef's Table to cook for them.


Barber and his team from Blue Hill at Stone Barns themed the entire meal around zucchini. Each course put the vegetable front and center, but focused more on waste products as the meal progressed. From the tops and cores of the vegetable to the stems of zucchini leaves, no part went to waste.

Dan Barber is famous for crafting meals out of food waste, and his prowess there led to the above video. Barber teamed up with the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Ad Council to produce the ad. Overall, the commercial aims to get us thinking about how to reuse scraps of food that would otherwise be discarded.


It's important to think about reusing food to save more for others. In this country, 40 percent of all food goes to waste, which could be enough to feed nearly every American suffering from hunger. Unfortunately, households are where most food waste issues occur. However, several resources are available to those wanting to limit their food waste.

Throughout time, we've curated several good stories of those who fight food waste, including some tips from Ayesha Curry. The NRDC also has a new Amazon Alexa skill to educate on food waste, and their latest food waste report contains even more suggestions.

Hopefully, through Dan Barber's delicious food and the NRDC's campaign, we can come together to reduce food waste.