Cupcakewurst is Now a Real Thing

This is the story of an ambitious cupcake artist who decided that she wasn't going to stuff her sausage casing with meat today. Instead, she opted to stuff it with cupcake batter. The result? A little something you'll be sure to hear more about in the future, Cupcakewurst.

Using pretty much identical strategy involved with making sausages, Stef of confection blog Cupcake Project adapted from multiple recipes to land on her end product, chocolate sausages. As if the Cupcakewurst by its lonesome wasn't cool enough, she even decided to throw it on the grill and make a complete meal out of it.


After letting it cook a bit on each side, she threw the warm chocolate sausage on a  split long donut bun and hit it with a drizzle of raspberry sauce to resemble ketchup. Her recipe is is available here for those wanting to give it a try.

Until then, I'm just going to salivate, in my dark room, by my lonesome: