Leaked Photos of New Cotton Candy OREOS


It looks like Oreo is going to dip into the fair food scene for its next release. They'll probably never officially sell deep-fried Oreos to really capture the essence of fair food, but this is a good start.

An Instagrammer who goes by the name "CookieOMan" leaked some photos of the supposed limited-edition flavor to be released by the cookie juggernaut. Cotton Candy flavor creme is going to be the next big thing for Oreo, which has been releasing a flurry of flavors in 2015.



The photos don't look doctored. There's an authentic, Bigfoot sighting-like blurriness to the photos, and we all know Bigfoot's real. Plus, the user has been money when posting about other new flavors such as the Red Velvet and S'more Oreos.

He didn't add a release date to the post, but he did drop a #fairtime hashtag, so we might see them around June when fair season comes around.

At this rate, Oreo might drop a new flavor every month, but we're not mad at them at all.