Costco Japan Serves Bulgogi Bakes

bulgogi bake

If you've ever been to Costco then you know about their food court. It's a magical place where you can get giant slices of pizza for under $2 and really the only other place that you can find legit churros outside of Disneyland. Costco is also home of the chicken bake, aka what Hot Pockets wish they could be. Basically meat and cheese stuffed into a pizza crust this is one of the more popular items at the member's only warehouse club, but Japan based Costco locations have something even better, Bulgogi Bakes.

A popular Korean beef dish, bulgogi isn't something you'd think to see at a Japan Costco, but some of the writers over at RocketNews 24 managed to get their hands on one of these monstrous bakes. They described the dish as being more of an "oblong calzone" but when it came to the taste the Bulgogi Bake held it's own.


While we’d like the beef even more if it was a little tenderer, we’ve got no complaints about the marinade that gives it a pleasant sweetness. It’s a bit like the flavor of a Japanese-style beef bowl, and it goes great with the warm, melty cheese.

Just like everything else on Costco's food court menu the Bulgogi Bake won't break the bank, at 400 yen ($3.90USD) do yourself a favor and try this dish out.

H/T + PicThx RocketNews 24