The Fanciest Foods Costco Has For Sale On Its Website, Including A5 Wagyu And Caviar

We know Costco for its specialty in bulk discounts. Enter the massive warehouse, secure the big bags on the cheap, and you don't have to shop again for at least a month. But while it's great at getting us the basic necessities for cheap, Costco also isn't afraid to carry some of the more gourmet specialty goods.

It's no hidden secret that Costco's A5 wagyu beef selection on its website is absolutely bonkers. However, it may surprise you to find that there's even more fancy treasures lurking behind the scenes that we can ball out on. Whether it be fancy caviar, wheels of cheese, or top-quality cured meats, the splurger in us is calling for these coveted gourmet foods.

A5 Wagyu Beef

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When it comes to A5 wagyu, Costco brings out the entire spread. There's 11-pound New York strip loins for nearly $1300, a pack of eight 6-ounce filet mignons for $630, and even 2 pounds of A5 strip loin cut for shabu shabu at $250. Consider that the average price of the wagyu for sale here is in the $100 range, Costco is getting you a pretty good deal when it comes to this coveted beef.

Plaza Osetra Gold Caviar


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Produced from Russian sturgeon on a farm in Bulgaria, this golden caviar is some of the most recommended you can find out there. Its price speaks to that, with an 8.8-ounce can coming in at close to 600 dollars. This is truly a "treat yourself" product to pick up.

Whole Wheels Of Parmigiano Reggiano

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You know Kirkland Signature is legit when it's able to brand whole wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano to its name. Aged for at least 24 months, this $900 cheese wheel weighs an astonishing 72 pounds. That comes out to about $12.50 per pound, which is at the low end of your typical price range for certified, quality parm reg. Now all you need is a cracker the size of Lake Tahoe to go with it.

Prosciutto Legs


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The king of Italian cured meats, Costco actually offers up a variety of whole prosciutto legs for sale. The most opulent of these is the Prosciutto di Carpegna, made from the ancient and high-value Pesante Padano pigs. This 12-pound meat trophy costs $240 for a reason: Ten master butchers have dedicated their life to making this prosciutto, which is aged for 20 months before being sent all over the world, including to Costco's warehouses.

50 Pound Wheels of Pecorino Romano

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In case $900 or 72 pounds of Parmesan were too much for you, Costco does have a "smaller" alternative. You can get a whole 50-pound wheel of Pecorino Romano instead. Aged for 7-9 months, this sheep's milk cheese has a nutty, sharp flavor that makes it worth the $300+ price tag.

Duck Confit


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One of Costco's meat bundles is a package of six confit duck legs and another half dozen Magret duck breasts. Magret duck breasts are twice as large as a standard duck's and are aged seven days on the bone to give them an extra depth of flavor. As a result of all of the extra prep, the cost is high, at $150 in total, or over $28 per pound. The taste of one of these, however, will be well worth it.

25-Year Aged Balsamic Vinegar

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Balsamic gets richer, more fruity, and more intense the longer it's aged, with 25 years in the barrel being considered to be some of the strongest and most fragrant out there. A few drops of this syrupy vinegar is all you need to enhance fruits and cheeses to new heights, and probably all you'll want to use at a time, too. Three ounces of this goes for nearly $100.

Jamon y Serrano Legs

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If you weren't feeling prosciutto, the Spanish jamon y serrano is also available in whole leg form. These 10-pound behemoths come cured in simple sea salt, but are  aged for 18 months to let some sharp, mouthwatering flavors develop as well. A Serrano ham this old or of this quality (from a Duroc-Landrace pig hybrid) is hard to come by, making the $220 price tag worth it to those looking for some of the best Spanish cured meat out there.