Coors Tries Something New In Super Bowl Ad, It's Called Respecting Women

For as long as beer advertisements have been around, sexism has (unfortunately) flourished. In the past 30 years, men have been the primary demographic for these companies, making up the large majority of beer consumers.

This information led companies like Molson Coors and Anheuser-Busch to subjugate women in their ads, doing things like using the female figure as a selling point, or releasing those "put you in your place" types of propaganda.

Well, Coors looks to change that with their newest gender-friendly advertisement.

The classic Rocky Mountain beer company intends to reveal an entire series of ads depicting men and women performing great feats of athleticism side by side rather than just men, or men simply using women as tools for their own betterment. Because everybody knows climbing a mountain is much easier when you're drunk off of Coors Light.

This video below is an older Bud Light commercial that banks on sexism as the appeal, even going as far as having the one woman in a room full of men shake her head at the blatant misrepresentation.


As you can see, the video shows the mother teaching her soon-to-be-married daughter that doing all the work around the house and catering to her husband's every need is really what a healthy marriage is all about. On top of that, buying him Bud Light beer will really make sure to keep him around.

According to Eater, this decision to change comes on the heels of a recent report showing that wine, spirits and craft beer are beginning to siphon part of the beer market more and more lately.

Thankfully, Coors has realized that it's time to give the fairer sex their fair share. Check out the video below to get a taste of what Coors plans on delivering to the Super Bowl this Sunday.


It's definitely a step in the right direction. Assuming, of course, the whole "climbing your mountain" thing isn't a sexual innuendo, but who even knows anymore?