Coolsville: Johnny Rockets Getting its Own Drive-In Movie Theatre


And the prize for Best Idea Ever (this week) goes to Johhny Rockets, who's stepping up the pseudo 50's diner game with a new set of drive-thrus, pop-ups, a food truck, and — yes, a drive-in movie theatre restaurant. You may now proceed to freak. the hell. out.

The whole scheme is called Route 66. Designed in partnership with USA Drive-Ins LLC, the Route 66 theaters will feature Johnny Rockets concession stands, "present family-friendly films and embody a nostalgic, all-American experience." The brand hopes to open 200 of the things, with some prototypes debuting as early as the end of this year.


The new drive-thrus will pop up mostly at "travel hubs" along highways, like Bakersfield in California or Primm in Nevada, while the pop-ups can be purchased for a limited time at existing drive-in movie theaters.

Considering how many fast food chains have been introducing concepts that don't really make a whole lot of sense (Taco Bell, Panda Express), this is a surprisingly natural extension that's built itself on '50s throwbacks. But can you blame us for wishing it came out in time for us to relive Grease?