The Coolest Easter Candy Picks of 2022

Easter is right around the corner so that means spending time with family, easter egg hunts and for true enthusiasts of the occasion, making awesome Easter baskets. To make one successful, several things are needed: a proper basket, Easter grass, which comes in many colors and most importantly, only the best candies and holiday goodies.

To help bring your Easter basket dreams to life, we felt it was only right to highlight this year’s coolest Easter candy. 

This hilarious and clever candy will definitely be a conversation starter. Actually cotton candy, Bag of Bunny Farts is one of several animal farts you can choose from. Who would’ve thought farts tasted so good?

Since the debut of The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda has been all the merchandising rage. Not missing a seasonal beat, this funny chocolate Easter egg contains a cute and edible Baby Yoda. If watching the show is cuteness overload, imagine what eating him will be like. 


Reese's, arguably one of the best sweet snacks of all time, also makes a mean egg. With a chocolate outer layer and classic Reese's peanut butter center, this is a great addition to any basket.

If you’re looking to add a classy touch to your basket, Williams Sonoma's Chocolate Surprise Egg has all the pizzazz. A bite through its chocolate eggshell defenses reveals miniature white chocolate chicks. I’m not sure what type of surprise baby chicks will be, but they will probably be delectable.

Photo: Walmart


Snickers is another sweet snack behemoth that also offers its own spin on the classic Easter egg. These eggs contain the usual yummy suspects that make up a Snickers: creamy caramel, rich nougat, real peanuts and milk chocolate.

Photo: Walmart

With a flavor that works well for almost any confection, OREO Easter Chocolate Candy Egg is an absolute must have for your basket. The eggs are filled with OREO cookie bits combined with rich chocolate candy, further bolstering the belief that it's what's on the inside that counts.

Photo: Sour Punch

There’s always enough sweet to go around in Easter baskets, but what really sets thangs off is tossing a bit of sour in with the sweet. Sour Punch Chicks & Bunnies are the brand's Easter twist on their classic sour treats. Same satisfying kick, same chewy bite.


Photo: Lindt USA

These fun Easter treats are aesthetically cool and easy to scarf down. Lindt is well known for their delicious chocolate and what makes these extra special is what lies inside. It has a festive chocolate carrot shell, surrounding milk chocolate, hazelnut and a white chocolate center.

It’s normal for eggs to come in cartons, so why not Easter eggs? Tony’s Chocolonely not only knows good chocolate, the brand also supports equality within the supply chain. That means when you’re enjoying one of their chocolate Easter eggs, you’re not only enjoying the dark and milk chocolate blend, filled with pieces of caramel, hazelnut, almonds and sea salt, you’re also helping to highlight an important cause.

Photo: Sees

The most fanciest schmanciest Easter egg on the avenue is See’s Candy Rocky Road Egg. It clocks in at over a half a pound and is filled with honey marshmallow, Cali walnuts, See’s signature milk chocolate, and is hand-decorated with a cute candy bouquet. 

With no shortage of sweet options for your Easter basket, these are great accents to liven things up. Each are available online and most can be easily found at a nearby retailer.