Learn How To Drink Like Don Draper, Jay Gatsby & More Badasses in Film & Literature

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English majors, rejoice. This how-to drink chart has got your back. Understanding our refined taste in literature and our hearty dependence on alcohol (because there is literally no other way to get through The Divine Comedy), we present to you the greatest of visual aids concerning booze and books (and movies): The Cocktail Chart of Film and Literature.


Feeling flirty? Make yourself a Cosmo, a lá Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. Is devious behavior more your thing? How 'bout a nice Moloko Plus with Alex from A Clockwork Orange? Just hope it doesn't turn you into a horrible product of your twisted society! Or maybe you're wondering about the world of 1960's advertising and/or sexism and/or racism and/or Jon Hamm? Old Fashioned it is, you Mad Men fiend, you.

But seriously, guys. This chart right here? It's gonna turn a whole new generation of depressed and talented writers into haughty alcoholics.


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H/T Neatorama + PicThx Pop Chart Lab