Coca-Cola's Latest Luggage Collaboration Furthers Trend Of Food and Fashion

Fast food companies have been taking the fashion industry by a storm as of late. Just this year alone, Taco Bell collaborated with Forever 21 to create some fashionable foodie wear, and KFC has been creating surprisingly stylish and exclusive drops for their online store.

Long gone are the days of fast food companies just slapping their logo on a plain white shirt and calling it a day. The food industry has started investing a lot of time, money, and effort into creating new, fashionable merchandise because, believe it or not, they actually sell really, really well.

So why does foodie fashion work? Exclusivity may be the name of the game, causing everyone to want to get their hands on a limited piece to show off on the 'gram. Or it may be it's because consumers have realized that food and fashion are a major part of their lifestyle, and they want to be more expressive about that.

Nevertheless, the trend of fashionable foodie items is still peaking, and it sure isn't planning on halting anytime soon.

Now, Coca-Cola has recently teamed up with HEX, a renowned fashion accessory brand, to create innovative laptop and sneaker bags with the iconic "Enjoy Coca-Cola" logo on them. And I must say... they look pretty damn good.

Feast your eyes on the collection, which will surely be the next big thing for those who love food and some swag with functionality:


The Sneaker Sling: $70

The Sneaker Backpack: $160


The Sneaker Duffel: $170