Watch These Cholos React To Kale Chips & Kombucha For The First Time

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"This looks like bud. I'm on parole, G."

If you're health nut who does yoga and and hikes every weekend, you're probably familiar with kale chips and kombucha, but for those not engulfed in the culture, those two foods are probably foreign.


Enter "Cholos," hispanic gangsters who probably wouldn't get caught dead in a yoga class. Facebook page We Are Mitu introduced a group of cholos to Rhythm kale chips and Health-Ade kombucha, gave them no context and just let the camera roll.

As they tried the veggie chips and fermented tea, the cholos added hilarious commentary such as, "You're trying to get me arrested," and the classic "I'm organic AND raw."

Thankfully, kale chips are not weed, and kombucha is not a grenade, so no parole violations were committed in the making of this video:


Cholos Try Vegan Food

"This looks like're trying to get me arrested."

Posted by We are mitú on Tuesday, November 3, 2015