TruMoo Fuses Chocolate Milk and Marshmallows into One Drink

DEAN FOODS TRUMOO(R) CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOW MILKThere's not much you can add to a nice cup of hot chocolate that'll make it better, save those white fluffy pieces of heaven called marshmallows. However, it can definitely be a hassle drinking piping hot chocolate in a thermos, on your way to work, with the marshmallows jamming the little zippy hole. If only there was another option...

TruMoo's new flavor of milk incorporates the idea of hot cocoa into a cold beverage. Chocolate Marshmallow claims to contain all the nutritional benefits of regular chocolate milk without the high fructose corn syrup and artificial hormones. Consumers also have the choice of drinking it cold, straight from the fridge, or heating it up and recreating that hot cocoa magic.

Chocolate Marshmallow TruMoo will be available for a limited time through the end of February at major retailers across the U.S.