Chipotle Will Shut Down Every Restaurant, For A Few Hours


Last year, Chipotle had a string of extremely unfortunate cases where customers would get sick from eating at the fast-casual restaurants. Now, the company will be closing down ALL of its restaurants this February to address the recent health concerns and talk about food safety. But just for a few hours.

The Chicago Tribune reports that on Feb. 8, the restaurants will close their doors and meet to discuss a range of issues. This will involve all staff, says a spokesman for Chipotle.

Among the topics are food safety, the restaurant's new role as well as any questions employees might have.


Since the outbreaks of both E. coli and the norovirus, stock has plunged and the restaurant is currently being investigated. Chipotle has also begun to double its giveaways to make up for the last couple of months.

Still no word on how everyone got E. coli though.

h/t The Chicago Tribune