Thanks To The Internet, Chili's Secret Boss Burger Is Now Available Nationwide

When you create something as epic as a five-meat burger, you can expect the internet to come rushing in, demanding a taste.

boss burger


That just happened with Chili's secret Boss Burger, a 1,650 calorie behemoth that recently went through a test launch in three separate cities.

For those who haven't heard of it yet, Chili's secret burger is a veritable Valhalla of meat. A half-pound patty is topped with brisket, pulled rib meat, jalapeño cheddar sausage, and bacon.


Sounds like a lot of food, but that's just the protein. There's also cheddar, ranch, BBQ sauce, lettuce, and tomato piled on to round out the colossal creation.

Chili's announced the burger to the world by refraining from telling the public exactly where the Boss was. It led to what the chain describes as a "overwhelmingly positive response" from both their markets and the internet. Those who didn't have the burger were clamoring to find out where it was to get a taste for themselves.


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You no longer have to hunt for the Boss Burger, though, as Chili's has decided that the feedback has merited a full-scale national launch. Every location now has it on their menu, meaning you don't have to go on a mission to find it anymore.

Chili's has also confirmed to Foodbeast that the Boss Burger is now a permanent item, so there's no rush to go in and try it. Unless you want bragging rights amongst the squad to be the first to take it down, that is.