Chicken Pot Pie Cone Frees Your Hand for Other Extracurricular Activities


After the success of his Apple Pie Cone -- also peek: Pizza Waffle Cone, Reuben Sandwich Cone -- the purveyor of whacky eats, Nick of Dude Foods, decided to follow it up with a savory counterpart. Thus, the Chicken Pot Pie Cone was birthed from the bowels of his kitchen. Ladies.

Grabbing some pre-made pie crust, Nick wrapped it around a cone shape and baked it in the oven at 400° F for 10 minutes. Afterwards, he scooped all the chicken pot pie innards into the cone, packing it with chopped chicken, peas, carrots and chicken broth, then placed it back into the oven. Peek the full recipe here.

The result, was a warm, handheld pot pie that Nick claims was even better than its dessert version. We aren't picking sides though and will opt to Edward Fortyhands both.


Picthx Dude Foods