Meet the First Bottled Hot Sauce of Italy

Hot sauce on pizza is always a great idea. But did you ever think to yourself if there's ever been a hot sauce that's as Italian as the slice you're about to demolish.


Going back some time in Italian history, something called salsa al tornagusto — a Settecento-era hot sauce — was first mentioned in a cookbook by Vincenzo Corrado, a famous and innovative chef at the time, in 1781. It was a saucy mixture that consisted of chili, garlic, vinegar, herbs, spices. Yet surprisingly, no bottled hot sauce has ever hailed from Italy.

Enter Casa Firelli, an Italian hot sauce that's handcrafted and features premium ingredients like Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI and Calabrian chili peppers. The best part is that it's specifically made to be used on pizza.

It's only right that your Italian pizza gets doused in a sauce made to be its perfect match.