How To Make A Cute Holiday Centerpiece With CANDY CANES

Ahhh, candy canes. They’re the definitive symbol that marks the official beginning of the holiday season! Plus they’re pepperminty fresh, slim and lightweight, AND they’re fun to lightly poke your mom’s shoulder with.

Before you questions my intentions—no, this is not a post written specifically to promote the goodness of candy canes. But it IS written with the intention of showing you a cool way to use ‘em this holiday season.

It’s an incredibly affordable way to create a beautiful centerpiece while staying on a budget. All you need to do is grab one or two of those 12+ packs and align the canes around a plain glass vase and glue them down.


Secure everything with peppermint-colored ribbon and fill with flowers to match.

Instant. Holiday. CHEER.

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Created in partnership with Planters