Campbell's Debuts Its Spiciest Chicken Noodle Soup Ever

Imagine a Campbell's Soup that's so hot that it requires a waiver to be signed before trying it. That's what's required to get a taste of the new Campbell's Chunky Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle soup.


The new soup debuts on January 27, 2023, and the first 500 people to sign the waiver at on the drop day (at 1PM ET) will receive a can to test their palate's might.

The new flavor is 13 times spicier than Chunky Spicy Chicken Noodle, making it a formidable spoonful. To aid those who want to put their heat tolerance to the test, each can of Chunky Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle will be sent with a ‘Relieve the Heat’ kit, which includes tissues, a fan, sweat band, and cooling towel.

Might wanna have any kind of dairy products on deck, too. You know, just in case.