A Museum Dedicated Entirely To Avocados Is Opening This Summer

When the Museum of Ice Cream first opened, everyone went nuts trying to get their tickets and capturing that sweet experience for all to see on social media. It seems we might be in for a similar treat this summer, especially if you're a fan of avocados.

The Cado is said to be an immersive pop-up museum experience dedicated to California Avocados set to open this June in San Diego, CA.


At 6,700 square feet, the museum will feature seven rooms each boasting large-scale interactive art installations. Created from 16 shipping containers, the Cado will be entirely mobile.

The entire experience is described as traveling through the entirety of an avocado from skin, to fruit, to core — hopefully similar to The Magic School Bus. I can dream, can't I?


Photo: Peter Pham

Some sensory highlights from the museum include: sight (a 40-foot wall of cassette tapes to take Instagram photos with), sound (a grove-to-grocer audio experience through a vintage Walkman), touch (the textured walls of the 'Ripe Room' stimulate what it's like touching a real avocado and determining ripeness), smell (taking in the fragrance of a real California Avocado grove), and taste (California-inspired avocado foods from local San Diego restaurants in the middle of an avocado grove).

Tickets for the summer Cado opening are now on sale through their website. Part of me hopes there will be a giant guac pool in one of the rooms. It'd be like living out a childhood dream.