Buffalo Wild Wings' Father's Day Ad Is An Adorable Tear Jerker

There's a good chance that when you fall to your knees, smack yourself in the head, or completely lose your mind over a team's loss, you picked it all up from your dad, who passed on his crazy fandom down to you. With these insane rituals in your blood, Buffalo Wild Wings' new Father's Day ad will definitely hit you in the feels.

The video shows a father in the living room, writhing in agony as he watches his favorite basketball team (possibly the Cleveland Cavaliers) blow the game, and come out on the losing end. Beside him on the couch, is his adorable young daughter, covering her eyes, stretching out her her face with her hands, and raising her arms in defeat, just as her papa was doing.

After the father lets the team's loss sink in, he looks over at his daughter, who has a huge smile on her face and leaps into her daddy's arms, effectively deflating all the tension in the room.


The last words you see are, "Thanks for showing us how to love sports," as the commercial ends.

The ad is almost Super Bowl-ish, as it was meant to make you feel something, and it succeeded, as many sports fans can watch and relate.

If this isn't the cutest Father's Day tribute, I don't know what is.