'We All Quit': Whole Burger King Staff Quits Location With Viral Sign

Photo: Rachael Flores / Facebook

"We all quit," read the sign at a Burger King in Lincoln, Nebraska. "Sorry for the inconvenience."

And with that collective declaration from several staff members at that Burger King location came viral status.


A former employee told TODAY Food that this was the culmination of months being short-staffed, managerial turnover, and "hectic" work conditions. Rachael Flores, one of the several staff members that quit and now former general manager of that Burger King location in Lincoln, Nebraska, highlighted several disturbing incidents, including one where she became dehydrated after working in the sweltering kitchen that needed its air conditioning repaired.

Besides her, six other employees left at the same time as Flores.

A spokesperson for Burger King had this to say concerning the incident:

"The work experience described at this location is not in line with our brand values. Our franchisee is looking into this situation to ensure this doesn’t happen in the future."