Burger King UK Launches New 'Gourmet Kings' Burgers

Burger King UK is looking to up the experience of their burgers by adding a luxurious touch to some new offerings. Dubbed the "Gourmet Kings," this new line of burgers features "The Argentinian" and "The Steakhouse."


The Steakhouse is as elevated as its name implies, as it features tomatoes, crispy onions, arugula, and mayo joining 100% flame-grilled British and Irish Aberdeen Angus beef patties, which are then adorned with melted oak smoked cheddar, sweet crispy bacon slices, and BBQ sauce.

As for The Argentinian, it boasts sliced onions, fresh arugula, and British and Irish oak smoked cheddar cheese. It's then treated to a kick of chilli sauce, crispy onions, and Chimichurri mayo, all resting between toasted brioche buns.

The Gourmet Kings burgers are now available at Burger King locations throughout the United Kingdom.