Budweiser's Royalty Free Bot Allows Twitch Streamers To Play Music Care Free

Any Twitch streamer knows that music has been a big issue on the platform due to the incredibly strict DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) that was implemented in 1998 and Twitch's rules and regulations. Meaning, if you don't own the license to the music, you can't play it while streaming, otherwise you'll get strikes, have the footage taken down or even get your account banned.


How strict is it exactly?

Here's a clip of the Metallica playing their own music on Twitch. Due to the implemented rules from Twitch and DMCA, they had to cut off Metallica's music and utilize 8-bit videogame music during their performance instead.

This is real. No one edited this and I'm not playing a joke on you. It's just that ridiculous.

Budweiser and agency DAVID Bogota have created just the solution to this madness through BUDXRecords and their new "Royalty Free Bot."


Hosted through their BUDXRecords Discord, there will be thousands of songs uploaded from emerging artists to this bot that streamers will be able to use as background music. Royalty Free Bot will be playing the content 24/7 so any streamer around the world could use it.

This helps in two ways pretty organically. First, it allows the current streamer base to continue engaging with their audience with the experience they're used to and second, it also allows an upcoming artist to be exposed to new listeners in a massive way.

To get access to the bot and start streaming worry free, go to BUDXRecords on Discord.