Brooklyn Restaurant Features Beyoncé Themed Menu for Valentine's Day

Beyonce Menu

You might not be ready for this jelly.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Brooklyn based restaurant Brucie is hosting a Beyoncé themed dinner. The specialty menu includes puntastic courses such as the Breastiny's Child, I Am Pasta Fierce and my personal favorite, the Buga-Bouillabaisse. We couldn’t make this up if we tried.

Brucie owner, Zahra Tangorra, thought using Queen Bey as the focus of the restaurant's menu was a no brainer, "she’s having her moment now, and we’ve been listening to her record nonstop.” Additionally paying homage to Brooklyn native and Bey's main squeeze Jay-Z, Brucie is offering Jay-Ziti and Oysters Rocafella.

Sadly the restaurant is already fully booked for Yoncé's specialty menu but don’t worry, they still love you like xo.

If you did manage to score a table for the big night just be sure not to get too drunk in love off your wine as you H.O.V.A. hell of a time at dinner. See what we did there?

H/T Today + PicThx Brucie