We Went To A Shop In Brooklyn That ONLY Serves Pickles


We found pickle Mecca and it exists in Brooklyn, New York.

The stripped-down nondescript storefront for Clinton Hill Pickles speaks volumes about its no nonsense philosophy when it comes to their pickles — there’s no need for any fancy bells or whistles when you’re selling a quality product whose flavor speaks for itself.


And dear lord did we experience some flavor. We chatted with owner Patricia Fairhurst as we sampled some pickled delights from an extensive collection of massive red brining barrels. This pickled smorgasbord included half sours, full sours, spicy hots, giardiniera, and housemade kimchi.


But Fairhurst didn’t stop there. The shop also boasts additional refrigerated cases packed with pints and quarts of pickled jalapenos, green beans, beets, tomatoes, eggplant, pineapples, mangos, peaches, and a solid showing of olives stuffed with everything from garlic to blue cheese to sundried tomatoes. Pints start at just $4.00 or you can further satiate your savory tooth with $8.00 quarts, $15.00 half gallons, or $30.00 full gallons for the special few who’d like to pay eternal homage to their Eastern European roots.



So what’d we do with our plethora of Sunday morning pickles, you ask? Naturally, we made brunch bloodies with some liberal (pickled) garnish. If you’d like to pick up your own pickled treasures, stop by Clinton Hill Pickles Mon-Fri 11-7 or Sat-Sun 11-8 at 431 Dekalb Avenue at Classon Avenue (entrance on Classon Avenue), Brooklyn, NY 11205, (917) 701-4000.

Images: Marion Bernstein