8 Boston College Basketball Players Just Fell Ill From Chipotle, What's Going On?


Chipotle's recent health scares are getting more worrisome by the day. They JUST brought back carnitas too. It looks like students from Boston College have gotten sick after eating at Chipotle near the campus, Business Insider reports.

A college official told Business Insider that several students and student-athletes had checked into the Boston College Health Services complaining of gastrointestinal symptoms. The one thing that all the students at the health center had in common was that they had all eaten at a nearby Chipotle.


The Cleveland Circle location is only about a mile and a half away from the main campus.

Since the reports of student sickness, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has been contacted and is currently working to see if there is a link between the Boston case and the national outbreak.

An email from a college physician warned students, specifically student athletes, to not eat at the Chipotle and to seek medical attention if they had already done so.


Eight basketball players from Boston College have already been confirmed sick. Two other basketball players also came forward complaining of stomach issues.

While initially believed to be an E. Coli outbreak making the rounds across the country, CNN reports that this incident appears to be a norovirus isolated to that one restaurant. However, it will take a few days for test results to give a definitive answer.

A spokesman for Chipotle told Business Insider that the location has temporarily closed down while the illnesses were investigated.

Image: Google Maps