This Bloody Mary Has An Entire Pizza Slice As A Garnish


By now you've probably noticed that Major League Baseball stadiums are introducing insane, new menu items almost every other day. Now the Minnesota Twins' Target Field will be serving a Bloody Mary with a pizza slice shoved directly into the drink.

It's located in the Hrbek's restaurant and they're calling it the College Daze Bloody Mary. Aside from the cold slice of pepperoni pizza with an olive attached to it, it has a skewer with a beef stick, pepper jack and cheddar cheese cubes, and a pepperoncini. There's also a piece of celery floating around there along with a pickled spear.


Of course, most of the food in this mess seem to be hovering neatly over the cup, so it's not taking away from the beverage itself.

Earlier in the week, Twins fans were spotted drinking some Blue Moon Creamsicles during a spring training game, so it looks like they're really stepping up their drink game this season.