Burger King Launched A Lucky Charms Shake That Tastes Like Your Childhood

Burger King keeps dropping new items, trying to see what sticks, and once again, they're trying to tap into our childhood.

BK introduced a Lucky Charms Shake with actual bits of Lucky Charms cereal inside, available for a limited time.

The shake is made with vanilla soft serve, hand-spun with sweet syrup, and pieces of the oat cereal and marshmallows we grew up loving.


After trying the drink, it definitely tastes like a really cold version of the popular cereal, if not a bit sweeter because of the ice cream.

The shake comes two months after Burger King introduced a Froot Loops Shake, so they seem to be going all in with the cereal and ice cream trend.

Burger King said the shake will be available at participating restaurants nationwide, for the recommended price of $2.99, although our shakes at the Santa Ana, California location were $3.69 each.

If you're a Lucky Charms fan, you'll definitely love it. If you're not, it's still pretty all right, if you're OK with the sips of diabetes flowing through your system.