Coffee Growlers Finally Exist, Delivered Straight to NY Doorsteps


Ever wished it was still the 50's, and people came by on bikes to personally deliver your milk?  Well, Birch Coffee has got it pretty close, but instead, they'll be bringing you iced coffee!  Even. Better.

Birch Coffee will be tricycling around all of New York City with 64-ounce jugs of their to-die-for iced coffee.  This really is New York's coffee obsession taken to the extreme.  Like seriously, I think I live in the wrong state.

To drive home their coffee's "addictive" taste, Birch Coffee paid an homage to Breaking Bad by donning lab coats to highlight their cold brewing process.



Each growler contains between between eight and ten 16-ounce cups of their iced coffee and go for $25 on the first delivery, then $20 per jug after that.  Delivery fee, per jug, is $5, and the deliveries span from Wall Street to the 100s in Manhattan.

Be careful though.  This stuff could be bad news.  I mean, what's to stop the coffee addiction from taking over when it's being delivered straight to your front door?  Bring on the withdrawals and headaches though because I'm all in for this.  Happy caffeine addiction season -- the buzz has already started as of April 1st, so welcome back to the 50's New York!

Order yours here.