Ben & Jerry's Just Dropped A Bob Marley Ice Cream Flavor And We Feel Alright

Give thanks and praise to the Lord, because Ben & Jerry's has got a new ice cream flavor and it's all about reggae god Bob Marley.

The new flavor, called "Bob Marley's One Love," is a dank combination of banana ice cream, caramel and graham cracker swirls, and pieces of fudge in the shape of peace signs.


The flavor was made in conjunction with the Marley family, and a portion of the sales Ben & Jerry's brings in on Bob Marley's One Love will be going to the ice cream company's new youth empowerment program in Jamaica. Called the One Love Youth Camp, the program was created in partnership with Partners for Youth Empowerment (PYE Global) and aims to teach lessons and encourage people to express themselves via art, creative writing, and music.

The Marley-inspired ice cream is now making its way into grocery stores nationwide in pint form, and will also be available in Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops.