College Student Shot And Killed After Argument About Beer Pong Rules


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Anyone who has played a game of beer pong knows things can get intense, but this game got a little too serious as a dispute led to a death.


According to The Eagle, Lacie Larose, 19, was shot and killed during a graduation party in College Station, Texas last May.

A witness came forth to The Eagle recently and recounted the events that took place a few weeks ago.

The witness said that about 120 people had gathered for the graduation party and watched a Floyd Mayweather fight, but by 1 a.m., the partygoers dwindled to about 20 people, so of course, a beer pong game was in order.

Ronald McNeil, 40, is the one accused of the murder after one of his friends got in a heated argument over the rules of their beer pong game. Punches were thrown, McNeil's friend was knocked out and they were asked to leave the party.

All of a sudden, shots were fired. McNeil told police the shots were an accident and he was just trying to scare the partygoers. What he ended up doing was firing off 15 shots from his Glock .40 handgun and shooting Larose, who was in the back yard playing a game of beer pong with her friend.


Witnesses said Larose yelled for someone to call 911 and that she couldn't breathe.

A nearby officer said he saw McNeil and his friend fleeing the scene after the shots went off. A description of McNeil's white Ford F-250 was sent to dispatch and McNeil was eventually caught.

McNeil faces murder charges, as well as two first-degree felony charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and a third-degree felony deadly conduct charge.

He is currently in Brazos County Jail on $500,000 bail.