Bros Combine Beer Pong And Golf For A New Way To Get Wasted

Combining the ball-in-cup base of beer pong, with the hand-eye coordination required for mini golf, this Kickstarter campaign for Beer Pong Golf is a frat bro's wet dream.

People have taken numerous stabs at revolutionizing beer pong, from the tall task that Mountain Pong provided to the Futuristic Pong Bot, but this concept just might be more fun than either of those.


The plastic beer cups are placed on a corn hole-like board, still in its traditional 10-cup triangle formation. These plastic balls used are not heavy enough to break things, which allows you to play indoors. The provided mat to hit the balls off is made with "high quality" artificial turf, whatever that means.

With the Beer Pong Golf makers knowing their demographic, there are specific blank spaces where you can put your favorite sports team's decal or logo and create rivalries.

The only drawback I can think of for this thing, is the "not easy at all," claim. Sure challenges are fun, but when a bunch of people are getting together to get drunk, having to work hard for it isn't exactly what they're looking for.


Still, your beer pong form wasn't built in a day, so a little practice would probably do you some good in this.

While you might be in the, "why change a game that's already perfect," camp, this looks like a pretty awesome deviation from your usual tailgate game, and people seem to be behind it. With Beer Pong Golf's modest goal of $20,000, that number has been obliterated with over $100,000 in backing, still with 20 days to go as of this writing.

The $75 pledge is no longer available, so getting your hands on the the board itself will cost you $89, while a complete set that includes the special golf balls and chip mat will cost you a pledge of $159. Beer Pong Golf is estimated to go out for delivery in October 2017.