Behold The Baogel, Your New Favorite Hand-Held Food To Go

Food fusions have been capturing social media and our bellies for some time now. The rise of this trend arguably started with the cronut, a mix between a donut and a croissant, and eventually led us to a Mac-and-cheese pizza topped with Cheetos.

Black Seeds Bagels, one of New York's finest bagel joints that serves Montreal-style bagels, and Nom Wah Kuai, the always popular dim sum spot, has joined forces to introduce us to a new trendy taste bomb: the Baogel.


The baogel, which is a combination of a bagel and a bao bun, will be filled with Nom Wah's popular signature sweet pork belly, wrapped in Black Seed's sesame bagel dough, and served with a house made chili cream cheese.

The decadent indulgence will be available throughout November at all three Black Seed locations in Nolita, East Village, and Brookfield Place, and also at Nom Wah Kuai in Canal Street Market.

For those who are always on the go, this hand-held fusion dish is perfect for those who want to be efficient and trendy, two things New Yorkers know best.