How Bacon Can Instantly Upgrade Your Mozzarella Sticks [WATCH]

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Forget everything you thought you knew about breaded mozzarella sticks because it has just been upgraded with bacon, and nothing else matters.

Natasha Rogers, the genius behind the Through the Eyes of My Belly food blog, just unleashed a recipe for Bacon-Covered Mozzarella sticks that's so easy, it might become the go-to appetizer for all your future parties.

If you're familiar with frying, you'll recognize the process of dipping the cheese stick in the egg wash, bread crumbs and bacon bits for the finishing touch. After that rogers freezes the cheese sticks and puts them to pan-fry.


It's so easy, it's nuts.

Rogers is slowly becoming the mozzarella queen with recipes such as this one, and the Mozzarella & Marinara Shot Glasses she put together last week.

Check out how to make the cheesy bacon beauties in the video below, and check out Through the Eyes of My Belly for more amazing recipes: