Art of Food: Lobster Fried Rice Is A Decadence We All Deserve

The vibe you get at Chef Tin Vuong's latest restaurant, LSXO, is one of posh and intimate decadence. The aura of mystique you get from the semi-secret entrance in the back of Bluegold in Huntington Beach, CA permeates throughout LSXO's 28-seat dining room. Settling around the interior theme of a colonial mansion in Saigon (albeit with a bombastic and unapologetic soundtrack of 90s era hip-hop), the restaurant's food coincides with it, all prepared with effortless finesse and panache.

A particular dish on their menu that represents this aim in quality perfectly is the Salt & Pepper Lobster. A signature dish of Chef Vuong's, the Salt & Pepper Lobster is a fiery Southeast Asian take on the luxurious crustacean. What's more, the dish is as versatile as it is opulent. Watch as in our latest edition of Art of Food, you'll see the transformation of the Salt & Pepper Lobster into an equally deluxe Lobster Fried Rice.