Apparently Fun Dip, Pixy Stix, Kool Aid, and SweeTarts Are All the Same Thing


Around the late 1930s, a sour powdered candy named Frutola was created to contend with a similar drink mix named Kool Aid. However, the developer soon realized that kids preferred pouring the mix directly into their mouths. He repackaged the product and added a spoon, calling it Lik-m-Aid. The edible candy sticks and colored sugar would later be rebranded in the 1970s as Fun Dip.

During this time, the company Sunline Inc. also released Pixy Stix -- colorful straw-shaped wrappers filled with powdered sugar. However, the non-resealable tubes led to regular complaints from parents claiming the loose candy powder was unnecessarily messy. So, by the 1960s, a solid version based  on the same recipe used to make Pixy Stix a was born and named SweeTarts.


So what did we learn here? Pixy Stix, Fun Dip and SweeTarts all have the same baby daddy: the Kool-Aid Man.