This Restaurant Is Serving A ‘Foie Gras Banana Split’

In recent years, we’ve seen certain food-forward areas generously blessed with some pretty innovative ideas—ideas you can eat—including new strides made within the world of ice cream. Depending on where you are, you might find ice cream made with liquid nitrogen, ice cream sandwiched between two cereal-formed patties, and/or ice cream milkshakes loaded with candy, donuts, and anything else that’s sugar-coated.

In Anaheim, California, one can wrap their tongue around a foie gras ice cream.



Chef David Rossi of The Ranch Restaurant & Saloon imagines the unique creation. He covers foie gras infused ice cream in house-made chocolate magic shell for added decadence, serving it atop a strawberry sauce.

To accompany, he plates a delicate balance of peanut crumble, drunken cherries, banana gel, and vanilla bean sabayon (Italian dessert typically made with egg yolks, sugar, and sweet wine) to complete one incredibly artistic pallette. Rossi calls the masterpiece a “Foie Gras Banana Split.”


Melting yet? I know I am.


This dream cream will be available for indulgence at The Ranch Restaurant November 11 in observance of National Sundae Day.


Created in partnership with Visit Anaheim