How Much Ketchup, Beef, Buns & Cheese Each American Eats Every Year


Somehow, the average American eats 71 pounds of ketchup annually. That's more than 1 pound of ketchup a week. While we find that hard to believe, Hamburgers: The Economics of America's Favorite Food does offer some enlightening bits of believable knowledge: the average eater consumes about 61 pounds of beef (In-N-Out, we see you), America's favorite kind of cheese is American (yup), 9 billion pounds and $2.2 billion worth of lettuce are eaten a year (see ma!), and nobody likes sweet mustard.

Funny enough, the graphic comes from -- that site that shuffles all of your earnings into pretty pie charts and sends you passive aggressive reminders that you can't afford to drop $15 on a Moscow Mule. Although, greasy $3 burgers at 2 am? That you can always scrounge up pocket change for.


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